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CNN has not independently verified The Georgia Star News' claims about the number of ballots that fit this description. Facts First: Trump's claims of fraud in Georgia remain completely baseless. Even if the drop box process was violated, the Georgia Secretary of State says the ballots themselves remain valid. Georgia has certified its election results three click over here times under Raffensperger's leadership and found no mass voter fraud. In his first public response to the letter, Raffensperger on Monday evening told CNN's Erin Burnett that an investigation into the claims raised by Trump and The Georgia Star News is ongoing, but suggested that the outcome of the investigation would not change the results of the election or invalidate any ballots. "The ballots themselves were approved and are lawful ballots, but were processes violated?

https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/21/politics/dekalb-trump-letter-fact-check/index.html [Construction]

Barry Fleming, who oversees the committee and is guiding voting bills in Georgia House, did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment. But during Wednesday's session, he said fellow lawmakers would have the chance to "discuss and ask questions" about the bill. "The committee will make the ultimate decision about what we do or don't do," he added. His committee is slated to resume work Thursday. Georgia's Republican-controlled legislature has been at the forefront of efforts to set new limits on voting nationwide, following a barrage of false claims by former President Donald Trump that fraud led to his election loss last November. There is no evidence of widespread fraud that would have changed the election outcome, and prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia, are investigating Trump's attempt to sway officials in the state. Georgia's changing demographics have made the longtime Republican stronghold a key political battleground. Last November, President Joe Biden became the first Democrat in nearly three decades to win the state.


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She received an exemption and is now in hotel quarantine in Sydney. The border opening means she and her family will be able to move back to Australia to be closer to her mother, who is recuperating. “I literally have been dancing around the continue reading this.. room with excitement,” she said. “Hopefully no one else will have this situation where they get that phone call in the middle of the night and think they can’t get back in time to see their loved one.” But Friday’s news frustrated other Australians stuck overseas, who were hoping for an immediate end to the arrival caps and hotel quarantine system. ‘An iron curtain’: Australia’s covid rules are stranding people at state borders “I’m pretty gutted,” said Isabella Rositano. The 25-year-old from Adelaide has been stranded in New Zealand since a travel bubble burst in July . She has been crashing with a wrestling coach in Auckland to save money and can’t afford a $6,500 return flight, let alone an additional $2,000 for hotel quarantine. “I thought this announcement would mean I could come home in the next week or two, and it’s not that.” John Siapis isn’t getting his hopes up, either. The Sydney construction worker recently celebrated his 45th birthday alone in a hotel room in Auckland, where he was working when the bubble burst.